Boswellia Serrata

Family Name : Burseraceae
Common Name : Salai Guggal, Sallaki
Standardized For : Boswellic Acid 50% to 80%
Application : Anti-Inflammatory, Treating in Asthma and Arthritis

Boswellia Extract

Boswellia Extract

Boswellia is the gummy resin of Boswellia serrata that contains anti-inflammatory terpenoids called boswellic acids. Boswellia is used to reduce inflammation, stiffness and joint pain. The resin contains boswellic acids, which work to reduce inflammation. Boswellia serrata resin can also help soothe pain caused by minor injuries and is an effective remedy for the chronic pain associated with arthritis.

Botanical Name : Boswellia serrata
Family Name : Burseraceae
Common name : Salai Guggal, Sallaki
Standardized For : Boswellic Acid 50% to 80%
Description : Off White to Cream coloured free flowing powder
Plant part used : Gum Resin
Application : Anti-Inflammatory, Treating in Asthma and Arthritis

Active Constituents

The gum oleoresin consists of essential oils, gum, and terpenoids. The terpenoids portion contains the boswellic acids that have been shown to be the active constituents in boswellia.

Use of Boswellia

It has strong anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties besides its use as a general pain reliever.

Boswellia serrata Gum Resin is widely used in ayurvedic formulations for treating Asthma and Arthritis.

Boswellic acids reduce inflammation by deterring the inflammation of white cells and improving blood flow to the joints. In addition, these boswellic acids have been shown to prevent the chemical reactions that can be precursors to inflammation. It does this by increasing our warmth.

The herb is effective in relieving the aches and pains of arthritis, gout, lower back pain, rheumatism and especially osteoarthritis, including osteoarthritis of the knee, wrists, feet and spine.


Boswellia reduced not only the pain but also stopped the degenerative actions that eroded cartilage and joint tissues. Boswellia serrata might act in a synergistic manner with such other joint-building supplements as glucosamine and chondroitin. As they stimulate the growth of cartilage, the boswellic acids effectively shrink inflamed tissue, increase blood supply to inflamed joints and enhance the repair of local blood vessels damaged by inflammation.

This would make it an extremely useful supplement to improve mobility, without the after-effects of gastric irritation. A boswellic acid possesses an anti-inflammatory action much like conventional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and deactivates the hormonal triggers for inflammation and pain. However, unlike NSAIDs, long term use of Boswellia has never been shown to lead to irritation or ulceration of the stomach or adverse effects on heart rate and blood pressure.

Recent tests have also shown that Boswellia has relieved ulcerative colitis & Crohn's disease.

Boswellic acids in the resin have been shown to inhibit the synthesis of leukotrienes, which trigger many of the symptoms associated with asthma. It also helps relax bronchial passageways by reducing mucus production and facilitating breathing.

The herb is useful in fevers, urethrorrhea, diaphoresis, convulsions, chronic laryngitis and jaundice.

Boswellia is said to rejuvenate the skin by encouraging new cells to develop and also promote oil production in dry skin, which is particularly helpful in cases of dry, chapped and "mature" skin.

Overall body cholesterol levels are brought down Thought to be antibacterial and antifungal, Boswellia has been used to remedy sores and boils, and when used topically, will also relieve pain.

Boswellia is believed to help relieve fibromyalgia, which is a widespread pain in the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the joints throughout the body Immune booster - Chemical constituents in Boswellia support the healthy production of white blood cells.